Mia, Ina & Jim (American-German)

Jim found Playa El Coco on the search for the perfect spot to build his beachfront dream house in 2002. He immediately fell in love with the beautiful white sanded beach, that is not only very secluded, but also provides for his private little surf break in the back yard.


Ina moved to Nicaragua in 2009. She first lived in Granada where she did the marketing for a hostel and founded a small NGO dedicated to educational projects. 

Jim and Ina met on the beach, fell in love and started La Veranera together. 


Their daughter Mia was born in 2016. Mia loves to go snail hunting during low tide, looking for crabs together with Canela and got her first surf lesson from Daddy when she was 6 month old.

Jan (German)

After traveling the world, Jan looked for a new adventure to take on and landed in Coco Beach. Originally from Germany, he lived for many years in Mexico and had just finished traveling through Marokko, Sri Lanka and Indonesia when he came Nicaragua. He always dreamt of living on a secluded beach and to be able to go surfing everyday. When La Veranera was looking for a new manager he saw his chance and moved to Nicaragua.

Kitty (Nicaraguan)

Kitty actually just came for a visit in 2011, but liked it that much, that she decided to move in. In her mind she is the true owner of the house and she is also queen of nap time. You don't like cats? Wait until you've met her... We can not allow any other pets to bring.